8 Special Gift Ideas For The Special Man In Your Life | When is the last time you surprised your beau with a special gift? Probably, his birthday, your anniversary or the Valentine’s Day! The twinkle in his eye and the smile on his lips when he opened the gift are reasons good enough that you start planning a surprise for him once again. But the biggest confusion that every woman faces is about the choice of gift for her man. You would want something so unique that would surprise him and at the same time, it has to be something that is of use to him. The gift should also match his taste and lifestyle. Moreover, you will have a budget when you set out to shop something special for your special one. With so many things to consider, the selection definitely becomes a challenge. Wouldn’t it be great to have a wish list to help you find the most amazing gifts for the most amazing person in your life! Let’s list out the 8 best gift ideas that would be useful for buying gifts for men, considering different preferences, budgets, and more.

  1. Fragrance/Grooming Kit

Nothing is going to impress a man more than a bottle of his favorite perfume. Obviously, you will know his brand well enough but you can surprise him by buying something that you like this time. If you want your gift box to be a larger one, opt for a grooming kit with a complete set of products he uses for grooming. There are several options that you can find in the market while you can even have a grooming kit customized with his favorite brands in fragrance, skincare and grooming essentials. You can fit this gift right within your pocket and have your man looking his best the next time you plan a dinner date together.  

  1. Watches

Another gift that any man would absolutely want is a watch. This is one gifting option with which you can never go wrong because you can buy a unique one even if your man has a complete collection, to match with great knitwear. You could go for an affordable yet trendy watch or find a luxury buy, depending on your budget. Websites like Frostnyc can be explored for finding great deals on luxury watches. You can get all the big brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Hublot, and more at such sites. What more, there is even an option to get a watch customized if you are looking for a special way to win your man’s heart. Consider his preferences when you pick a piece, such as whether he would like a sporty style or a formal one, or whether he wants a digital or analog watch. Have a good look at his existing collection so that you can find something that he does not already have.

  1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses make a unique gift idea for a man of any age and any taste because it is as useful as it is stylish. From hiding his dark circles to giving him an ultra-swanky look and providing protection from the UV rays, there is lot that a quality pair of sunglasses can do for your man. Pick a premium brand even if you have to spend a little extra because these glasses will give him 100% protection from the harsh sunlight and also make him look cool as he steps out. Choose a model that complements his facial shape and matches his personal style as well.

  1. Statement Accessories

Show your love for him with special statement accessories such as cufflinks, pins, a ring, a bracelet or a chain. You can use your creativity and have something custom designed for him. It could be a ring or a bracelet with his and your initials etched on it so that it constantly reminds him of your love for him. You could have a chain or cufflinks specially designed according to his personal preference. A good-looking pair of cufflinks can add to his masculine appeal and make his formal look complete. The same goes for a swanky tie pin that he can sport on formal occasions. If you can spend a considerable amount, look for something in gold or diamonds. But there are plenty of good options in imitation for those on a low budget.

  1. Wallet

A fine leather wallet is another cool gifting option that you can consider for the man in your life. This option is of great use in daily life and is something that every woman can afford to buy. For the ones with big budget, you can opt for the pricey, high-end brands. Like accessories, you can get a wallet customized for your beau with his initials. Black and brown are the most preferred colors in wallets because they have a timeless appeal and go well with every outfit. But if your man loves experimenting with colors, you can gift him something trendy in red, green or blue. Before buying one, look for a design that is different from the ones that he already has.

  1. Laptop Bag/ Gym Bag

If you are not really sure about a gift idea for your special someone, invest in a laptop bag or a gym bag depending on his lifestyle. The professional ones who are fond of looking their best at work would fall in love with a high-quality laptop bag. If he is a fitness freak and loves sweating it out in the gym, gift him a stylish gym bag to carry his stuff. Buy a quality product of a good brand so that your man is proud to flaunt his beloved’s taste.

  1. Something to wear

Another gifting option that never fails is something to wear. It could be a nice formal shirt or a casual tee, depending on his taste and style sense. If you are planning to surprise him with a dinner date, present him something that you want him to wear on the special occasion. And if you have a holiday on cards, a casual holiday outfit would be a perfect thing to give. Buy something that matches his personal style and would look good on him. Pick a size that would fit him but make sure that the product can be exchanged if there are some fitment issues. Talk to the salesperson about the exchange or return policy. In case you are buying the product online, go through the fine print so that you understand the policy well enough.

  1. A Gadget/Mobile Phone

A gadget or a mobile phone would be a great gift for a tech-savvy man. Gadgets could include anything, from a car stereo to Bluetooth speakers or a fitbit. Look for the latest model in smartphones and go through its specifications. Seek professional guidance or spend some time online doing research on the latest tech products in the market if you are not really good with cellphones and gadgets. You can even ask his friend to help you out if you are not confident but make sure that he does not spoil the surprise. If he always buys a specific brand, stick to it. If money is not a worry, look for something that he always wanted but did not buy because it was too expensive.

Men love being surprised with gifts because they seldom expect them from their women. But when you do plan a surprise for him, make it a thoughtful one and accompany it with lots of love. You will definitely make him feel special and love you even more!