US Green Card

The US Green Card grants an individual permanent residence in the United States of America. Having a green card gives you the legal right to vote, travel freely anywhere within the US, and nearly all the rights and privileges enjoyed by American citizens.

You can be a permanent American resident while still retaining citizenship of your home country. Getting a Green Card or a Permanent Residence card is a compulsory step toward becoming a legal American citizen.

Here are five key benefits of being a green card holder in the United States.

Better work opportunities

As a student with a green card, you can take a part-time job alongside your college education. Unlike foreign nationals on a student visa, green card holders do not have to deal with restrictions related to work permits.

As an employee with a green card, you don’t need a temporary work visa or sponsorship from a US employer. Being a legal resident also makes it easier for entrepreneurs to obtain licenses and permits and bypass the restrictions and bureaucracy faced by temporary visa holders.

Sponsor family members

As a green card holder, you can sponsor your family back home to apply for immigration to the US. When you are granted permanent US residence, your spouse, unmarried children younger than 21 years, and your parents also become eligible to apply for the green card.

You may also sponsor a person who is not your immediate relative as per regulations of the Family Preference category. If you apply for the green card lottery and meet the eligibility criteria, you and your spouse can double your chances of getting PR by submitting two separate applications or a joint application.

Lower higher-education costs

If you wish to pursue higher education in a US university or vocational college, you’ll have to pay much less fee as a green card holder, compared to an international student. Moreover, when it comes to applying for financial aid to support their education, green card holders have it easier than those with a nonimmigrant visa.

If you’re keen to gain PR in America, apply green card lottery as it significantly increases your chances of getting the green card.

Legal rights

As a permanent resident of the US, you become legally and rightfully eligible for several benefits and privileges, including the right to vote, tax rebates, social security, insurance, bank loans, mortgage loans, federal education loans, research grants, retirement benefits and better access to healthcare.

Being a green card holder opens up a world of benefits for you—you can purchase a house or commercial real estate, buy a vehicle and enjoy a life at par with American natives.

Permanent immigrant status

Non-immigrant visa holders are temporary visitors and must leave the US once their visa expires or reapply if they wish or need to extend their stay.

As a green card holder, you need not worry about extending your visa and can easily renew your green card after every ten years.