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Bravo Filipino| Things to Know About Harness Anchor Points |According to a report, due to fall from heights, more than seven thousand workers get injured in Australia every year. To keep your workers safe while working at heights, you need to provide them harness anchor points along with other fall-arrest facilities. If your company does not maintain all height safety measurements, then you can face some legal problems in future. Anchor points can keep your employees safe, especially when they work at heights. But all anchors points do not offer equal level of safety and you need to select the best ones according to your requirements. Let’s know about them in detail.

What are Harness Anchor Points? 

Harness anchor points are essential height safety protection equipment that can be temporary and permanent and can provide harness or lanyard protection to the workers. If you work on roofs, then you need to use these safety tools to avoid falling down and result in an injury or death. You can keep yourself safe by using such anchor points. Roofs can be designed with different materials, like tiles, concrete, slate or colorbond metals. From the ground, you can see the roof clearly, but you cannot work on uneven roof surface once you reach up. In this case, you can install such equipment on the roofwhich efficiently work as a fall arrest system.

How are Harness Anchor Points Attached? 

Installing harness roof anchor points is a difficult task, because you need to install them at a certain space. If you want to install such anchor points on your existing roof, then you need to maintain the right process. There are two different processes for metal and tiled roofs, which are:

  • For the metal roof, you need to install anchor points with pre-drilled holes, and you can install them on the corrugated sheet with minimum space. These anchor points can be used for one to two people only. So, you need to install several anchor points on metal roof. 
  • For the tiled roof, you need to remove few tiles to install the anchor points on their rafter. You can install such anchors between the tiles. Similar to metal roof, you can use an anchor point for two people. 

There are two types of anchor points available in the market. Fall arrest anchor points can be used for the workers to arrest them mid-air. On the other hand, rope access system works as a fall protection for your workers as a suspended-fall-arrest system

How Would You Choose the Best Harness Anchor Points? 

It is better to choose steel anchor points for your construction project, because they are durable and long lasting. If you choose wooden anchor points, then you must check their certifications. Apart from that, you must check their bolts and plate washers before use, and you should install their eyebolts, turnbuckles and concrete imbedded by trained professionals only. You should choose the harness anchor points according to their load-bearing capacity. There are few anchor points with energy-absorbing properties which you can use for domestic and commercial construction projects. Now such anchor points are available online and you can choose them according to your needs. 

It is better to get your project site inspected by trained professionals who can help you to choose the best harness anchor points as per your project requirements. Even they can install such anchor points on your roof and give proper training to your workers. You must keep your workers safe and give them a safe environment. Otherwise, you can face serious problems and legal issue in future.