snakes in the house

Most of us get squeamish when it comes to reptiles and creepy-crawlies. Snakes are on top of that list. Humans have an instinctive distrust of these slithering serpents and a lot of it is based on the fact that they can be extremely dangerous. So if there is a snake in your home, do not take any chances.

Unless you are an expert herpetologist you can never be too sure if the snake in your house is venomous or harmless. Do not go by your knowledge from TV shows as some snakes have similar patterns but are on the extremes of the toxin scale.

A snake problem in the house means that the experts have to be called in. Reduce all the risks and ensure a safe and smooth eviction with a Denver snake removal service.

Get the kids and pets out of the way

Your pets and your children will be more vulnerable to a snake. If you have sighted a snake in the home, cordon off the area and make it off-limits to your children. Block it from the outside so pets cannot get into the snake’s hiding place (while not blocking routes for the snake to get out).

Do not go near the snake

There are two major reasons why you should keep your distance from your reptilian visitor. One is that snakes have a surprising agility and range, and if they are cornered they might get on the defensive. A snake strikes very fast. If you get too close and it decides to bite you, it is improbable that you will avoid the strike. Even harmless snakes can bite – you will not die but a bite can be quite nasty.

The second reason is that snakes are very good at finding hiding spots that would be impossible for a human to reach. If you get too close it might just find this hiding spot that makes the retrieval even trickier. Therefore, you should encourage it to be in more open space while you wait for the animal services. If you are looking for wildlife removal Denver has good experts that are very familiar with the local species and will know exactly what to do.

Keep the escape routes open

The snake is more petrified of you than the other way round. Maybe it just wandered into your yard and thought your garage would be a good place to snuggle. Keep the entryways open – do not trap the snake. In many cases, snakes will slither off never to be seen again.

You cannot take chances with snakes until an expert has confirmed that the species in your home area is a non-venomous one that will not harm people or animals. Snakes are amazing creatures that maintain a balance in the wild and semi-urban areas.

They are effective pest control agents and although they do suffer from a bad reputation, a lot of it is due to habitat loss and people’s general and biased approach to these animals. So if you spot a snake around you, keep calm and ascertain the situation, do not do things in a hurry, and give it all the opportunities to leave safely.