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Bravo Filipino| Consider These 6 Things When You Are Buying Quality A Frames For Your Shops |It is often known as one of the oldest forms of advertising your brand or product. The A frames emerged during the industrial revolution days in Europe. Back then it was most used alongside cheap restaurants, small food shops along walkways, bars, and hotels. 

The A frames are still in use today and seen in exactly the same places. Even the famous and renowned hotels and restaurants are shifting to this traditional form of advertising. But what is so attractive about them?

Why Go With The Traditional Way Of Advertising?

It is important because it is a very cheap form of advertising. In today’s world, people are looking for an old fashioned style which is far more convincing to them far from the digital spectrum of the world in which we live today.

They also give a good marketing mix for your business. They are highly versatile and highly mobile as well. They are highly resistant to weather and are highly durable as well. These days the A frames are mostly made of either plastic or metal. 

To get the quality A frames you must consider the following things-

Whether To Go For A Metal Or A Plastic Frame

Although not very important but the plastic A frames are lightweight and durable. They can be moved by hand irrespective of their size. However, if frames are constructed of metal you will have to make sure that they are not too big or else they will become bulky and immobile.

Make Sure That The Vinyl Is Of Good Quality And Matches With A Frame

The vinyl should also be durable and should match the size of your A frame or else they will look very odd and the customer might see the funny side of it rather than buying your product. While buying you should ask which quality and material has been used for making the vinyl. Quality are designed in such a way that the vinyl perfectly fits the A frame.

Buy Quality A Frames With A Simple Hinge Design

The hinge design of the A frame is a very vital thing. It is the thing that holds the vinyl and the structure together. With proper hinges to secure you are A frame, it might fall, or the vinyl may flip sideways. 

How Much Versatile Are They

Most of the quality A frames are highly versatile and can be used in a variety of environments like on the footpaths of the streets, in parks, on wooden and mosaic floors. It is important to make sure they are not causing disturbance to the peddlers or consuming too much space.

Make Sure It Matches With Your Product Style

The A frames come in various customized shapes and sizes. Make sure that it goes well with your product type. 

Do You Want To Go Traditional And Have A Board Base Or A Vinyl Base?

Sometimes you might want to go in a totally traditional way and want the top of the A frame to be on a board on you can describe your product with a chalk. It is a very cheap way to sell as you save over the cost of the vinyl. Such old-fashioned boards are quality A frames and are coming back in demand and the customers are getting attracted to this old style of advertising. 

Quality A frames are cheap and old ways of advertising but one that is slowly finding its feet once again. In order to attract customers, you can use them outside your shops or alongside stalls. They are very easy to use and highly versatile. To make sure they last longer keep them inside your shop when you close your shop.