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Ozzias T. Villaver Jr., Ed. D. | BravoFilipino

  1. The Bonifacio Day refers to the birthday of Gat. Andres Bonifacio (November 30, 1863). Today  is his 119th Birthday Anniversary. He is the founder and organizer of the revolutionary Katipunan.
  2. Andres Bonifacio, upon the death of his parents, had to quit his early schooling (equivalent to grade 2 level today) and had to look for the daily sustenance of his family (Ciriaco, Procopio, Troadio, Esperidiona and Maxima).
  3. He is the Father and Soul of the Philippine Revolution of 1896.  Despite of the wise advise of Dr. Jose P. Rizal not to proceed yet the revolution of the Katipuneros,  Andres Bonifacio decided to start the war against Spain in sitio Pugadlawin (Caloocan) on August 23, 1896. There, with his men, they tore the cedulas, shouting: “Long Live the Philippines!”
  4. He read books by the lamplight at home. He read Rizal’s two novels (Noli Me Tangere and ElFilibusterismo), The Ruins of palmyra, Hugo’s Les Miserables, Eugene Sue’s The Wandering Jew, the lives of the presidents of ther United States, International Law, the Penal and Civil Codes, some novels, and a book on the French revolution.
  5. He had two wives, the first was Monica, who died of Leprosy; the second was Gregoria de Jesus, whom Bonifacio married twice: the first, according to the Catholic marriage rite at Binondo Church, Manila and the second , the Katipunan rites.
  6. He and his brother Procopio were arrested after the encounter in Limbon, indang, Cavite. In that encounter, Bonifacio was stabbed in the larynx, his brother Ciriaco was killed, and his brother Procopio was wounded.
  7. He and his brother Procopio were tried by the Council of War of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo and found guilty of treason and sedition. They were commuted to death sentence. Although Gen. Aguinaldo disapproved the decision of the Council of War but instead it be banishment,  nevertheless, due to the insistence of Generals Mariano Noriel and Pio del Pilar for unity of the revolutionary forces, he took the original decision of the Council of War.
  8. Bonifacio and Procopio were brought to Mount Tala, Cavite in the morning of May 10, 1897 for their execution. While Major Lazaro Macapagal was opening the sealed letter, the Bonifacio brothers dig their own grave. Bonifacio pleaded to spare his and his brother’s lives. But, Makapagal and his four men had to comply and shot them mercilessly as ordered.

Andres Bonifacio will remain a great Filipino hero in the heart and mind of the Filipino people. His spirited aggressiveness and determination to end the regime of Spain in the Philippines was overwhelming. “Without him it is extremely doubtful whether the Philippine Revolution could have become a reality at a time when everybody seemed in despair without doing anything about it.”  There are more things to unravel his life. His personality and hidden life would be judged according to the perception or interpretation of the present and future generations.

(Reference: Agoncillo, Teodoro A.  History of the Filipino People. @1990)