Thank you gifts

Patricia Aleckzandra | BravoFilipino

Our yayas, manong driver, kuya hardinero, cook, manang and whatever you call them, admit it or not, they have made your lives easier and less stressful. They, in my opinion, should be the most appreciated person inside our homes. They are the ones we entrust our food with, family and home. We owe them much more, and they deserve to be acknowledge for the service they provide us. There are ways which you can show how much you appreciate them.

  • Movie treat. All of us wants a good movie every once in awhile. Treat them with a movie that they wanted to watch. Why stop there? Double the treat and make them bring a friend along. Give them budget for tickets, snacks, and public transportation. You can also make it a paid day off so they can still spend time going around the mall.
  • Shopping treat. Take them out shopping and give them the opportunity to choose what they want. Or give them a budget that they can use for their own shopping. A little me time is not bad afterall.
  • Bonus on a day-off. Who does not want to get paid while not working? Let them spend a day with their family or a time for themselves. Tell them to turn not contact you until the day is done, and vice-versa, so they won’t have to worry a thing about their work.
  • DIY gifts. One word: effort. Everyone appreciates a bit of effort every now and then. Make them customized gifts or let the kids write a card for them. Remember that it is not the price that counts but the thought.
  • Vacation trip. Is your household help working for you long and haven’t seen his/her family for a long time? Why not surprise them with a two-way ticket to their province so she can spend time with them? Nothing beats a chance to be with the family.

But the best rewards you can give them for a job well done is making them feel safe and secured. With Liberty Insurance Company’s Kasambahay Insurance, your household help will surely have the protection they will need. Not only will they feel protected for themselves, but they can also protect their families while working for you! Win-win situation for both of parties! Giving our beloved household helpers rewards like these can motivate them to do best and

Our household helpers are our everyday superheroes. Like how we commemorate Rizal day or get all hooked up at a new released DC movie, let us celebrate because we have them in our lives. To our kasambahays, thank you for existing in our small galaxy!

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